June 2010 - Raleigh NC, Morgantown WV and Grantsville MD

June was an exceptionally busy month.  We drove down to Raleigh for cousin Brent's wedding.  Team USA played in the World Cup in South Africa so the kids were glued to the TV for all of the games.  And we took a day trip over to Maryland to enjoy the great food at Penn Alps and a walk across the Castleman River Bridge.

In Raleigh we stayed with Aunt Mandie and enjoyed some time at her pool before going to the wedding.  James takes a leap towards Aunt Mandie

Ry and James dance with Papa at the reception.

Ryan and Moms break it down

And now you know where I got my skillz

Smiley Ry

Begging Ry

Smiley J

Very solemn for The National Anthem

But once the game is underway they turn into crazed soccer fans.

The very cool stone bridge near the Penn Alps Restaurant

Nothing improves a photo of a piece of history like two beautiful people posing in front of it!

You like butter if the buttercup makes your chin glow

I guess they both like butter.