August 2010 - Morgantown WV, Grafton WV and Omaha NE

James turned 6 years old on the 3rd!  We celebrated on his Birthday by opening presents from the family and sharing an ice cream cake.  Then on the following Saturday we had a party with his friends at the bowling alley.  Also, I've put together our series West Point Long Overcoat photos.  The day after J's Birthday we took a trip down to Grafton and Tygart Lake.  The second weekend of the month we went to the Monongalia County Fair.  Courtney (Senior Year!), James (1st Grade), and Rylea (Pre-K4) all started school on the 23rd.  Finally, Court and I went to Omaha on the last weekend of the month to attend my Step-Sister Jackie's wedding.  Quite the busy month.

Cousins Melvin & Gretchen joined us on the 3rd for the family celebration.

The following Saturday we held James party at the bowling alley.  James is ready for his friends to arrive.

James and his buddies Elijah, Andrew, and Connor.

Making a wish.

Opening presents.

And opening more presents!

The following pictures are a series we've put together over the past few years.  Every August 3rd J dons the West Point Overcoat...

2006 - 2 years old.

2007 - 3 years old

2009 - 5 years old

2010 - 6 years old!

Sister and Brother taking a self portrait.

On the Sunday after J's Birthday the weather was perfect so we drove down to Grafton WV and took a small fishing boat out on Tygart Lake.

James making a leap from the bow.

Ry enjoying a float.

James at the Monongalia County Fair riding a horse on the Merry-Go-Round.

Then riding a real horse.

Checking out the view from the top of the Ferris Wheel.

James jumping on the Bungee-Trampoline.


On the 28th my Step-Sister Jackie was married at the Slattery Estates Vineyard just West of Omaha.  Papa helps escort Jackie for the first part of her walk down the "aisle."

Me and Pa.  A couple of very handsome men if I do say so myself!

Pa and my beautiful babydoll.

Our pup Henry, he's so photogenic.

And this is the picture of the month.  James received a shaving kit from Melvin for being the ring bearer at his wedding.  Ever since James has been shaving as often as we'll let him.  So on their first day of school James taught his little sister to shave!  Courtney had breakfast ready and heard the water still running upstairs, when she got to the bathroom she found them like this.

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