October 2010 - Manteo NC & Morgantown WV

October always seems to be a busy month and this year was no exception.  Rylea turned 5, Court's brother Toby got married on the Outer Banks (which marked our 5th wedding of the year), and the little ones enjoyed Halloween.

Ry opening the new Hello Kitty dolls James got her.

Ry's new Zhu Zhu pet.  She also received a blanket for it so she can carry her pink "hamster" type toy with her and it will stay warm!

Ry showing off her new magnetic earrings.

The "family" party cupcake cake.  The girl could eat frosting as a main course.

The "friend" party Hello Kitty cake.

It was such a wonderful day that we held the party outside.

All of Ry's friends had their faces painted like Hello Kitty.

Uncle Toby took all of his nephews and his niece out on his boat...

...where he taught them how to fish and how to drive a boat in a circle.

Jim and Court.

Sam and Ry dress up for the rehearsal...

...and dress up for the main event.

Emily and Toby practicing their walk down the aisle.

Grandmama explains to Rylea how those things will make her hair beautiful and curly.

Emily and Rylea.

"That was fun, can we go dance now?"

The family

The Russ Family with our newest member.

Pretty ladies

On the playground

"I want to be a scary candycorn!"

Ry the Candycorn and James as the young Luke Skywalker (the irony is that Ian and I were both Luke Skywalker for Halloween in 1984)

Sorting out the chocolate for Rylea.

"Seriously, look away so I can eat this cat."

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