December 2010 - Philadelphia PA, Morgantown WV

& Pittsburgh PA

On the second weekend of December Ryan and Courtney went to Philly for the Army v Navy Game while Grandmama and Pop watched the little ones.  We returned on Sunday for Courtney's graduation from West Virginia University.  We stayed in WV for Christmas this year and took a day trip up to Pittsburgh to visit the Carnegie Science Center.

The Philly skyline from the stadium.

The best part of the game was drinking beer in McGillian's after the game.  It is hard to lose to Navy nine years in a row but if anyone can do it we can!

While we were in Philly Grandmama and Pop watched J and Ry.  Ry obviously enjoys having Pop read her her bedtime story.

Grandmama and Pop also attended Rylea's Christmas performance.

Waiting in the WVU Coliseum for the December 2010 graduation convocation to begin.  Court's parents as well as her brother Toby and sister Mandie (unbeknownst to Court until she walked out on the floor and saw them in the stands) came up to Morgantown for the ceremony.

Court shakes the hand of the Dean and can be see on the big screen.

Back at home we enjoyed some cake and took pictures with the new graduate.

Making cookies for Christmas.

The only way to determine whether or not the sprinkles are any good is to take a massive bite of them!

Rylea watches excitedly as James opens the present she bought him.

Rylea with the Zhu-Zhu pet city that Santa brought her.

James demonstrating how his body is the controller for his new XBox 360 Kinect.

J and Ry practice their rock climbing at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Science Center.

James reads a display in the wave exhibit of the Science Center.

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