May 2011 - Davis WV, Providence RI, Morgantown WV & Belhaven NC

May was a busy, but very fun, month.  For Mother's Day we took a drive to Blackwater Falls State Park where we hiked to see the falls, climbed rocks, jumped from rocks, and went to the petting zoo.  While in Providence, Rhode Island Ryan found the grave site of his Great-Great Uncle, Charles Edward Townsend.  Rylea performed in her first Ballet Recital and danced wonderfully.  We took a trip to Belhaven where we linked up with Ian, Susan, Matthew and Rhys to celebrate Ian's return from Afghanistan.  Finally, we enjoyed the great weather over the Memorial Day Weekend in Morgantown.

For Mother's Day we took a family trip to Blackwater Falls near Davis, WV.

King and Queen of the mountain.

At the end of the boardwalk trail overlooking the falls.


It isn't just human babies that love to climb on the backs of bigger folks.

J with a kitten.

Ry with a baby chick.

And my beautiful babydoll with the kitten.

On the way back from Davis we passed by the "Smallest Church in the 48 Continental United States," so Rylea posed with Flat Stanley.

While in Providence RI on business I took the time to find my Great Great Uncle's grave in Swan Point Cemetery.

Rylea's First Ballet Recital.

Rylea with Elianna before their performance.

Showing their true natures.

Rylea was amazing, no anxiety, she came out smiling and confident, then she danced beautifully!

She knew the routine by heart and never missed a move.

Soutenou en tournant .

The picture may be blurry but her curtsy/reverance was my favorite part of the performance.

James gives Rylea a dozen pink roses after her performance!

A proud father.

And an even prouder mother.

Rylea and her cousin Rhys.

James, Rhys, and Rylea, so beautiful.

Uncle Ian, Cousin Rhys and James all trying to do the Rhys/Michael Jordan tongue.

Nephew Rhys and his beautiful Aunt Courtney.

Rylea in the River, ready to splash.

J with his sand fort ready to face the tide coming in.

James and Matthew enjoying popsicles on the back porch.

James driving Court's new Subaru Forester down the road at Red Bug Hill.

James in the old school John Deere.

Red Bug Hill.

James and Ry in a close game of tag through the sprinkler.

I have no idea how they just go, and go, and go, but they do and I love them for it.

We have always felt the best way to celebrate Memorial Day and to honor our veterans who have given the ultimate sacrifice is to raise our glass and to enjoy the holiday.  So here is to Russ, Anderson, Commons, Crose, Bunda, Houghton, Jensen, and Bunting (our family, friends, company mates, and class mates who gave their lives in WWII, Afghanistan & Iraq so that we may enjoy our freedom).

Until you have the water from the melon running down your chest you really haven't committed yourself to the whole experience.

Henry and Etta enjoy the sweet nectar.


"How do I look,?" "Good, and you really should clean out that gutter."

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