June 2011 - New York City, New York

J and Ry both finished their school years on the 3rd of June so we kicked off Summer in style with a trip to the Big Apple.  Courtney and I met in NYC and have always wanted to take the little ones.  We had a great time: the American Girl Store, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, a double-decker bus tour, Mary Poppins on Broadway, the Central Park Zoo, Washington Square Park, and pizza from Lombardi's.

The Manhattan skyline was in view as we landed at JFK.

Rylea's main goal was to get an American Girl doll.  Right after checking into the hotel she wanted to walk to the store on 5th Ave to make sure we knew where it was for the next morning!

Our hotel was in Midtown, near Rockefeller Center.


The first stop on Saturday morning was American Girl Place.  A very happy Rylea rides down the escalator with her new doll, "Addison."  Rylea didn't let Addison go for the remainder of the trip.

Times Square.  Unfortunately the ESPN Zone has gone out of business so we did the tourist thing and ate at Hard Rock.

The Lego Empire State Building inside the Times Square Toys R Us and the real Empire State Building from the double-decker bus tour.

A very handsome James with some random guy trying to sneak into his self portrait.

James is Atlas.

Dinner in front of the Prometheus fountain in Rockefeller Center.

I normally don't include pictures of only the big people but in going through the pictures I thought it was hilarious that Court loves me so much that she is willing to match her wardrobe and purse to my Cubbies T-shirt.

A trip to NYC wouldn't be complete without some New York Style pizza.  Lombardi's, the oldest pizza place in Manhattan was highly recommended and served an excellent pie.

In our quest to take every form of transportation available we checked airplane, cab, bus, and rickshaw off the list!

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