December 2012 - Hellertown PA, New York NY and Newport RI

December is always a busy month.  The basketball seasons continued and we spent the early part of the month decorating for Christmas.  On Christmas Eve Eve we ventured into Manhattan to see the tree at Rockefeller Center and fight the crowds.  We had a great Christmas and had a nice snowfall the weekend after Christmas.  Finally, during the lull between Christmas and New Year's we took a short trip to Newport RI for some genealogy research.

Rylea dribbles around the outside of a swarming defense.

James does his celebratory dance for the completion of hanging ornaments on the tree.


Rylea and her friends during the school Christmas party.

James and Ry worked together on a gingerbread house...

...then it was time to make sugar cookies.

We only spent a few hours in NYC but it was enough to get our fill of the crowds and put us in the mood for a nice quiet Christmas at home.

We paused to take some photos on our walk back to the car from Rockefeller Center.

On Christmas Day the kids woke us up at 4 am so the photos of opening presents are all dark (and quite frankly we don't look good in them), so this is a photo taken on Christmas Eve of James hugging/tackling Rylea after he opened the present she gave him!

A couple days after Christmas we had our first real snowfall (5 or 6 inches) of the year.  Etta and Henry have always loved the snow so they had a blast chasing each other around the back yard.

We can only stay penned up in the house or a few days before we need to get out so in between Christmas and New Years we traveled over to Newport RI in an effort to find some leads on our genealogy research. 

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