March 2013 - Valley Forge PA, Washington Crossing PA and Washington DC

With the basketball seasons over and our weekends open we decided to make March American history month with trips to nearby historic sites.

Ry and J posing as revolutionary era Americans at the Valley Forge visitor center.

Future Artillery Officer?

Washington had his men form teams of 12 to build their cabins for the Winter of 1777.  Hopefully they weren't much bigger than Court!

J and Me at the memorial arch built by free masons.

Washington's headquarters at Valley Forge.

The Battle of Trenton and diagram of troop movement of Washington's forces on Christmas Day 1776.

McConkey's House where Washington wrote a letter to the commanders of his forces further South who were also attempting crossings, letting them know that he was moving forward with the attack.  The Delaware River near where Washington made his famous crossing.

Me with the beautiful ones.  Examples of the Durham boats used to make the crossings along with a print of the famous yet historically inaccurate painting.  The German American artist used the Rhine as the river in the painting and Washington most likely took the ferry instead of a Durham boat so he could be with his horse.

 Big J.

The White House

Playing football in sight of the Washington Monument

A memorial to the 2nd Infantry Division in WWI.  A hell of a fine unit if I do say so myself!


Being silly with the US Capitol in the background down Pennsylvania Ave.

J in the US Presidents exhibit in the National Museum of American History

Celebrating the National Cherry Blossom Festival in the National Building Museum

J with the Washington National's mascot "Teddy"

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