July 2014 - Hellertown PA, Little River SC and Belhaven NC

Both Ry and James performed at open mic night.  Grandmama and Pop came to visit and we added another kitten to the family.

Ry singing and James playing his guitar at Encore Studio's open mic night.  Grandmoms came to visit to see them in action but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her with them.

Grandmama and Pop came to visit to see Rylea's Willy Wonka performance.

J working on his golf game.

We have two kids and two dogs so we figured we needed two cats.  Welcome Purrcy!

For the 4th of July holiday we went to Little River and then to Belhaven.  In Little River we played some Par 3 with Pop and James sported Pop's reading glasses!

Walt and James hanging out on the pier and the 4th of July picnic on the river shore.

The Russ'.


Jumping from Aunt Lyda's pier.

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