October 2015 - Hellertown PA, West Point NY and Breinigsville PA.

Rylea turned 10!  Aunt Mandie, Aunt Angie, Uncle David and Cousins Sam, Mack, and Walt all came up for the Duke vs Army game at West Point.  We went to Grim's Orchard for apples, pumpkins, and kettle corn.

Ready for Rylea's 10th Birthday!

Celebrating a decade on earth.

Birthday dinner on the 5th.

Spending her birthday money on a new Build-a-Bear.

Showing Aunt Mandie our favorite watering hole, Braveheart.

Before the game we took photos at Lusk Reservoir with Michie Stadium in the back ground and the parachute team jumped in the game ball.

J in Washington Hall and the Patton statue outside of the new Jefferson Library.

Ry and Fi enjoying some Dippin Dots (Army was only losing 27-0 so I have no idea why they wanted to sit outside of the Stadium).  J and his cousins preparing a plan of attack to beat me and Uncle David at football.

Ry and Fi showing off on the cadet's dip bars.  The 1st and 3rd Regiments headed back to the barracks, "And the Army Goes Rolling Along."

Angie, Mandie, and Courtney at Trophy Point.  The Color Guard before the game.

Go Black, Go Black Knights!  J, Courtney, me and Rylea at Lusk Reservoir.

Courtney, me and James from the Jefferson Library terrace.  A day of hiking around our rockbound Hudson Highland home will wear you out!

Picking apples and buying pumpkins (and kettle corn) at Grim's is becoming an annual tradition.

So many options.

J helping Ry with her homework, which is good since 4th grade is beyond Court and me!

Ry practicing her flips.

James and his friends ready to go get some candy.  Court, Ry and J all dressed up for Halloween.

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