December 2015 - Philadelphia PA, Hellertown PA and Belhaven NC.

James and I went to see Kobe's last game in Philly.  Rylea performed several times with her Panther Players.  Our friend Rosie paid us a visit from London.  Then we took the trip down to North Carolina for Christmas.

Once Kobe announced his retirement James and I decided we had to see his last game in Philly.  He came out on fire sinking 3s but the 76ers pulled it out in the end.

As the kids get taller the ornaments get placed higher and higher!  Ready for Santa.

Rylea on the new dog bed with Percy and Etta.

Making Christmas sugar cookies and red jello.

Rylea with her friends after their Panther Players performance.

Our friend Rosie came to visit so we took her to our favorite Mexican restaurant and our favorite ice cream parlor.

Then we went to the Christmas market at Bethlehem Steel.

They are getting so big.

We went down to Belhaven for Christmas and did what you do in Belhaven.  We shot guns and made gingerbread houses...

...we cut up with our cousins and played stinky pig...

...we cut up with the whole family and we drove the boat!

Cool shot of the sun through the fog from our front porch.

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