January 2016 - Hellertown PA and Miami FL

For our 5th Annual NBA game trip we headed to Miami.  It was good we went because the weekend after we returned it snowed a record 31.8" in 24 hours in Hellertown!

The view from our balcony.  A bit different than PA.

Walking down the palm tree covered walk to the pool at Lowes South Beach.

J posing on one of the more famous life guard huts.

We met an actual pirate while shopping in South Beach.

You can rent some pretty cool cars and speed through South Beach like Bieber!

We took a bus tour of Miami which included Little Havana, unfortunately they only stopped long enough for coffee.

Chilling in the park after our bus tour.

J outside of American Airlines Arena for our 5th Annual NBA game.  This time it was the Bucks v. the Heat.

J rocking the Heat Championship ring.

From the front porch it is a bit hard to see how deep the snow really was.

Bundled up and ready to play.

Ry diving!

Henry loves the snow as much, if not more, than the kids.

The next day I started with a shovel and ended with a nice new snowblower!

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