May 2016 - Bethlehem PA, Harrisburg PA,

and Orlando FL

Rylea rehearsed for months and months after earning three parts in The Wizard of Oz.  Grandmama and Pop, and Grandmoms, came up from the Carolinas to see her performances and to catch some AAU basketball games.  For Memorial Day weekend we felt the best way to honor those who died fighting for our country was to celebrate life and take a trip to Disney World.

Rylea's three costumes for her roles in the Pennsylvania Youth Theater's The Wizard of Oz.

A father-daughter selfie prior to the final rehearsal.

Grandmama and Pop came to visit for the first weekend of The Wizard of Oz.

Grandmama passing on some fruit cutting knowledge.

Grandmoms came up to PA for the second weekend of The Wizard of Oz and was able to make it to James' AAU games in Harrisburg where in between games we took a tour of the PA State Capitol building.

J in the PA State Capitol.

In addition to PYT Ry also sings with her school's Panther Players group.  Ry and her friends after their Panther Players performance.

The morning of day 1 at Disney World.  Prior to walking 16+ miles over the next two days!

A family photo with Pluto on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.

Double selfie on the Dumbo ride.

Me and J with Mickey.

Ry laughing at Donald's silliness.

J driving on Tomorrowland Speedway.

Disney gear!

Soaking wet after the river raft ride in the Animal Kingdom.

Day 2 started at Epcot.

Ry and J recreating the photo we took of them in 2009. February 2009 Page

How do you make Daddy happy at Epcot?  But him a flight of single malt scotch in the United Kingdom!

J and Court in Norway.

Ry in Mexico.

But Day 2 ended back in the Magic Kingdom for one more trip on the Dumbo ride...

...and sunset at the castle.

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