June 2016 - Bethlehem PA, Washington DC,

and Durham NC

After school got out Rylea performed in the spring dance recital then we headed South to North Carolina for James to attend Duke's basketball camp.

Father's Day dinner at Silver Creek Country Club.

Rylea had her Pennsylvania Youth Theater (PYT) dance recital at Moravian College. 

I like these two of Ry making bath bombs for her teachers and holding Licorice in the back yard.

On our way South to North Carolina we stopped in DC for a couple days.  The kids were able to check out the Capitol and the Library of Congress...

...but they really loved the burgers at Big Buns!

For James' second year at the Duke basketball camp he stayed in the dorms and many of our relatives stopped by to watch him play.

In between the games we toured the beautiful campus...

...and ate BBQ at The Pit in downtown Durham.

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