September & October 2016 - Hellertown PA and West Point NY

Rylea turned 11.  The trees started changing colors and we enjoyed some football!

The trees started to change and Fall was upon us.

Rylea turned 11!  Court gave  Ry some cat-ear head phones she had been admiring.

Instead of a party she went shopping at Target with her friends.

And enjoyed some Starbucks.

An Old Grad from Philly has some 50 yard line tickets so J and I couldn't resist a beautiful weekend at West Point.  Before the game we checked out Fort Putnam.  The Black Knights brought in the game ball and the cadets crushed Lafayette for a great homecoming victory.

J ran into the Army mascot during the game and after the game we camped out at Round Pond.

Ry and her friends after a Saucon Valley football game.

Grandmama and Pop came for a visit so we played a round and had lunch at Silver Creek.

For Halloween J was a T-rex.

James' favorite video game (which he spent his birthday money on) finally arrived.

He's almost as big as I am but still not too big to cuddle.

Because I can't resist ending on a couple cute cat photos!

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