Bishop Genealogy

My Father-in-law Jim (aka Pop) has done extensive research into the Russ and Bishop genealogy.  Below is the Bishop side.

1 John Bishop and Diana

        2 Joseph Redding Bishop (1838-1907) and Margaret (Windley) Bishop (1839-1900)

                3 Jehu "Jay" Franklin Bishop (1873-1955) and Lucy Gray (Hodges) Bishop (1876-1949)

                        4 Reginald Hodges Bishop (1906-1994) and Hazel Waddell (Mann) Bishop (1906-1987)

                                5 Reginald Hodges Bishop Jr. (1944-) and Mary Ella (Bell) Bishop

                                        6 Reginald Hodges Bishop III and LaDee (Brown) Bishop

                                                7 Reginald Hodges Bishop IV

                                                7 Ryan Cecil Bishop

                                        6 Michael Waddell Bishop and Angie (Baker) Bishop

                                                7 Lexi

                                                7 Michael Waddell Bishop Jr.

                                                7 Ashton

                                5 Lucy Jennette (Bishop) Robbins (1935-) and Edwin Earl Robbins Jr.

                                        6 Edwin Earl Robbins III "Chuck" and Pam (Sell) Robbins

                                                7 Chelsea Dawn (Robbins) Veal and Justin Veal

                                                        8 Kimbree

                                                7 Edwin Earl Robbins IV "Teddy"

                                                7 David Robbins

                                                7 Amy Robbins Manning and Joseph Manning

                                                        8 Josie Manning

                                        6 Gil Robbins and Della Robbins

                                                7 Sonny

                                                7 Cecelia

                                        6 Samuel Robbins "Robby"

                                        6 Robert Bishop Robbins "Bert" and Dana Robbins

                                                7 Laurel Robbins

                                                7 Anna Lee Robbins

                                                7 Bishop Robbins

                                                7 Adele Robbins

                                                7 Clara Robbins

                                        6 Tamara Jennette (Robbins) Wiser and Daniel Wiser

                                                7 Jennette "Jenni" Wiser

                                                7 Daniel Wiser

                                5 Lyda Mann (Bishop) Gray and Roger Perkins Gray Jr.

                                        6 Roger Perkins Gray III "Chip"

                                        6 Melissa Susan (Gray) Forth and Joe Forth

                                                7 Jacob Ross Forth

                                                7 Connor Gray Forth

                                                7 Hannah Kimberly Forth

                                        6 Steven Bishop Gray and Jennifer Gray

                                                7 Kylie McKenna Gray

                                5 Rachel Susan (Bishop) Russ (1944-) and James Cecil Russ Jr. (1943-)   Russ Genealogy Page

                                        6 Angela Ruth (Russ) Carson (1965-) and Samuel David Carson Jr.

                                                7 Samuel David Carson III (2005-)

                                                7 Walter Russ Carson (2007-)

                                                7 Mack Mann Carson (2007-)

                                        6 Amanda Christine Russ (1968-)

                                        6 James Cecil Russ III (1971-) and Emily Rebecca (Scarborough) Russ 

                                        6 Courtney Bishop (Russ) Townsend (1975-) and Ryan Sean Townsend (1979-) Townsend Genealogy Page

                                                7 James Arthur Townsend (2004-)

                                                7 Rylea Bishop Townsend (2005-)

                                5 Melissa Jay (Bishop) Lloyd and Nathaniel Thomas Lloyd

                                        6 Thomas Nathaniel Lloyd and Shelly (Roberts) Lloyd

                                                7 Addy Elizabeth Lloyd

                                                7 Thomas Nathaniel Lloyd Jr.

                                        6 Jay Bishop Lloyd and Kelly (Mills) Lloyd

                                        6 Samuel Joseph Lloyd and Laura (Bradsher) Lloyd

                                        6 Gretchen Hazel (Lloyd) Armstrong and Melvin Douglas Armstrong

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