Belhaven - July 2009


Pop and Sam takin a spin on the 4-wheeler.

Joe and Conor saving us by towing us in.

Lovin some blue gatorade.

Uncle Toby ready for the parade.

Emily and Rylea enjoying Uncle Bud's porch.

Cousin Sam chillin.

James and Reg playing some ball in Aunt Lyda's yard.

James and Connor warming up for the Annual Whiffle Ball Game.

I still have the touch, Thomas racked out on my shoulder.

Rylea driving us home in the rain.

James and Rylea going on an adventure, they found a turtle but no snakes.

The beautiful princess laughing at her own jokes.

Being silly after bath time.  J kisses his little sister.

We're cute.

And we think we are hilarious.

The drive back to WV is long but with views like this in Shenandoah National Park it is an enjoyable drive.