Belhaven - March 2008

For Easter we headed South.

James and Cousin Sam scouting out the best fishin spot on the river shore.

Sam reels in his Orange fish while Rylea looks on from her bigwheel.

J, Ry, and Sam reeling in the Orange, Purple, and Yellow fish.

Uncle Toby taking the little ones for a "ride" in the boat.

James and Daddy try out the superman kite.


Look what the Easter Bunny brought!

He brought CHOCOLATE!!!

And this beautiful hat.

About 1/3 of the Bishop Clan got together for Easter dinner at Uncle Bud's.

"I agree Rylea; pink is my favorite color too."

I'll miss you Aunt Mandie.

J taking his new Spiderman bike for a cruise down Water Street with Momma.

On the drive home we avoided the interstates and stopped in beautiful Townsend, VA.

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