Chicago - April 2007

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Rylea racing an Ostrich.

(On our way to Chicago from SC we stopped in Cleveland for the night and went to their Natural History Museum)



Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

James showing off his new "T Rex" mask.


639 Deming Place

Our address for our month in Chicago.


639 Deming Place

The carriage house.  The second floor is the apartment where we stayed.


Lincoln Park Zoo

James feeding Rylea popcorn.


Millennium Park

Mandatory picture of "The Bean" with two handsome subjects being reflected.


Navy Pier

Daddy with J and Ry in front of the Ferris Wheel.


The Field Museum

"Sue" the largest T-Rex ever discovered.  (Courtney in the red jacket)


The Field Museum

Rylea and James looking at a Mummy in the Egypt exhibit.


Easter Morning

Rylea and James enjoying their chocolate bunnies in their pajamas.


Lincoln Park

Daddy, Rylea, and James on a giant turtle at the playground across from the Lincoln Park Zoo.


Lincoln Park


Lincoln Park

Courtney and the little ones in front of North Pond on a warmer day later in April.


Wrigley Field

Everyone's first game at Wrigley.

(a two hour game with only one run...Go Cubbies)


Wrigley Field

Nevermind that Ken Griffey Jr. is right in front of me, these Cubs fans are more interesting.

(James in the Bleachers)


Chicago Style Deep Dish

Ryan posing with his Pizzeria Uno pizza.


Ry and Ry reading before bed time.


Architecture Tour

Courtney and Rylea enjoying the breeze as the boat tour moves along the Chicago River.


Architecture Tour

James' photograph of the skyline as we waited for the tour to begin.


Architecture Tour

333 W Wacker Drive.  Famous for the curved near side that follows the river and square back side that follows the streets.  More importantly it is directly across the river from Kenny Construction's Canal Street Office.


Architecture Tour

The Sears Tower (3rd Tallest building in the world) with 311 S Wacker (aka The White Castle Building for its lighted crown at night), which is the tallest building in the world known only by its address.


Architecture Tour

Ryan's favorite architecture photo from the tour.  The Sears Tower reflected twice in the curved glass front of the building across the river.


Tribune Tower on Michigan Ave (The Magnificent Mile)

The Chicago Tribune Tower and the Wrigley Building mark the Southern end of the "Magnificent Mile," which is a stretch of Michigan Avenue with expensive retail shopping.  The base of the Tribune Tower has stones from all kinds of locations (e.g. The Great Wall of China) embedded in the stonework.  Here Courtney and James stand below a rock from Roanoke Island, North Carolina.


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