Morgantown - August 2009

Ready for James' 5th Birthday Party.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury was the theme.

The party crew.

Blowing out the candles.

James and Rylea rockin it out on Rock Band 2 (rated T for teen because Court and I would never buy our 5 year old a birthday present that we wanted to play).

"Big Fat Daddy" on lead guitar with his Golden Retriever by his side.

We got a new puppy, "Etta," because Henry needed a companion.

Rylea posing with her new puppy.

The puppies needed a dog house. The added gate is under construction in the background.

J showing off his artwork.

Ry concentrating on her work.

First Day of Kindergarden breakfast.  3 pancakes, a bowl of fruit, and a glass of milk.

First Day!!!

J's new school, Mountainview Elementary.

James waiting for the bus on second day of Kindergarden.

Bye Mama, I'm big now.

"Nice chucks kid."

Rylea ready for her first day at WVU preschool.