Morgantown, Myrtle Beach, and Wilmington - June 2007

You really can't beat the weather here in June.  With cool mountain mornings and highs in the upper 70s you can be outside all day.

We spent a Saturday morning at one of the nearby pick your own strawberry farms. 

Mama shows James a nice "red shiny" strawberry.


Rylea taking a breather from pickin berries.  If you look closely you can see that she'd rather eat the strawberries than pick them.


Daddy and James show off the results of the mornings efforts.


James loves the "Big Pool" here in Morgantown.  Here he is about to get blasted when somebody opens up the valve on the water pipe in the kids pool.


He also loves the "Little Pool" in the backyard!


Once Ryan left for the CG Academy Courtney took the little ones down to the Carolinas.  Here they are having some watermelon on Grandmama and Pop's back porch.


Rylea saying cheese right before she sticks her head through the spindles and must be rescued by Grandmama.


James ready for his first ride in the Jag with Pop.  He's not excited.


At Aunt Angie and Uncle David's in Wilmington enjoying a peaceful meal.


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