Morgantown - March 2008

Pa and Flo flew to WV to watch the little ones while Courtney and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in NYC.

Central Park from our room at the Surrey.

Courtney's boyfriend Gavin DeGraw in concert at the Bowery Ballroom in Soho.

A view of the Mon River from Friendship Hill National Historic Site.  Note the 9 coal barges on their way to Ft. Martin.


Let's go play some ball Papa.

Try to hit this one Papa.

Hey batta batta.

Papa and Rylea enjoying some sunshine.

The following weekend Grandmoms drove up from Wendell to play dress up...

...and to learn about nature...

...and play baseball...

...and to see how much stuff you can fit in a clothes hamper.

Being upside down never gets old.

Ry and Grandmoms. They don't look alike, do they?

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