Morgantown - May 2007

Our first month in our Morgantown was wonderful.  All of the Grandparents came to see our new house and more importantly to play with the little ones.

Grandmama and Pop came the day after we moved in to help us unpack.  What would have taken us months took only a couple of days.  Here Pop and James enjoy the new backyard.


Grandmama and Rylea enjoy some quiet time watching TV.


Papa and Nanna Flo came to visit us during a trip to the East Coast to see Flo's niece graduate from Virginia Tech.


Grandmoms came to visit us on Memorial Day Weekend.  Here she is with James in the backyard.


And with Rylea after church.


The family posing for a picture in our backyard still dressed up after church.


Rylea saying "Cheeeeeese."


Grandmoms throwing James a pitch in the backyard.



Rylea and James enjoying the upper 80 degree weather by lounging in their new pool.

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