Wilmington - December 2007

The family Christmas picture that never got sent out.

Rylea and Sam taking turns on the slide.  Yeah, that's right, in NC you can play in the yard without all your snow gear on in December!

"If I get Uncle Toby's left leg and you get his right he's gotta go down.  And by the way, nice sweater."


Grandmama and Pop.

This is how you tear the paper.

Enough opening presents, let's play tackle.

Let me help you with that one Uncle Toby.

I got him Grandmama, don't worry.

The first three in line.

Mack or Walt? Who ever really knows?

Back home in Morgantown for Christmas Day.

Coke for breakfast, must be Christmas.

Spiderman and Princess tents from Grandmoms.


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